Bringing the Magic of Voice to Life

The Voice Sorcerer! All empowering, authentic, and magical. The connection between the voice and the mind, like an exotic bloodline that waits to be tapped. Casting a spell on its listener and entrancing them into the unknown. A Combination of otherworldly influences: extensive character development, roleplay, classical voice training, strategic arts and more. Enhanced by some of the very best in the industry. 
You don’t choose the Voice Sorcery, The Power, chooses the voice! 
Welcome to my realm! 

As if you’re stepping into another world, this demo takes you to another realm full of magic and fantasy. It will cast a spell on any listener and bring each character to life.




Did you know?

I work out of my own home studio, which saves you the hassle of having to shop around for studio time. In fact, I can save you the trip to the studio altogether. Just email your script/copy, and I’ll email you a fully mixed, clean audio file, ready for your production in whatever format you need. You can even direct your session and fine-tune your script in real time over the phone, Skype, or on Zoom. Make it all happen at highway speed, even while you’re stuck in traffic or the Feywild.

Bottom Line?

I’ll help you get your VO project done on time, and on budget. So if you’re up against that “yesterday” deadline (again), or you’re just tired of shuffling your day around studio schedules, think of me as your friendly neighborhood wizard.

Rode N1A Microphone

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Preamp/Mixer

Audacity/Adobe Audition

Built in Sound Booth 

Bringing the Magic of Voice to Life!


Designed by Jessi Ray Designs – 2022